GP Enduro Engeland

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Een 10e plaats voor GasGas Factory rijder Barragan in de GP die werd verreden na een lange zomerstop.

Jonathan Barragán: “I’m leaving England in a good mood. Sunday’s race was very hard, I finally finished eighth. We could have finished a little higher, but I suffered two falls, one of them quite bad when we had been racing for more than two hours. I left the track and I hit pretty hard against a tree, my shoulder taking a hard blow, but luckily we were able to continue and finish. The day before, there were only two timed stages, an enduro and a cross test. The first one did not go too well for me, what I lost in one, I made up in the other. However, in the end I managed to finish tenth after making up time differences with my rivals, especially in the motocross. I’m leaving here in a good mood because of the fact that we have been quite consistent in a race with a very different, very hard format from usual, especially on Sunday. Now I will try to get my shoulder better, a little hurt after this fall, to be able to face the final stretch of the season in the World and National Enduro Championships in good shape”

E2 – Day 1


E2 – Day 2


1. J. García

57: 22.85

1. P. Rauchenecker

3: 01: 36.598

2. E. Remes


2. D. McCanney

+1: 55.821

3. J. McCanney


3. J. García

+2: 51.703

10. J. Barragán (Gas Gas)

+2: 36.52

8. J. Barragán (Gas Gas)

+9: 05.759

E2 – Classification


1. J. García


2. J. McCanney


3. E. Remes


9. J. Barragán (Gas Gas)


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